You’re doing what?

I’m not sure when exactly we seriously started considering moving abroad. I’ve always wanted to live in another country long enough to feel like it is home. I lived in France for a semester during college and in Russia for about a month one summer, those trips made clear to me that at least a year or two is necessary to start to assimilate. While Chris has always shared my enthusiasm for travel he wasn’t always sold on the idea of actually moving somewhere. Every year or two I would cook up an expat scheme and try to sell him on it but he was never very tempted.

So when I started reading articles on Portugal being a great expat destination in winter 2016 I wasn’t really expecting we’d be preparing to move a year later. Doing internet research on random subjects is one of my favorite time wasters so I kept myself busy finding schools for the kids, scoping out the housing market and trying to figure out how taxation treaties work.

By spring I was pretty sold on Portugal, I thought maybe we could move there after the kids were grown (~2030). I had recently gone back to work full time and was putting money aside for a family vacation. I started planning a trip to Portugal for November. I booked tickets and started happily planning our trip. At some point after that Chris started to consider moving instead of just visiting. I keep trying to remember when he started to soften on the idea and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

During the summer we had a slight mental detour, Chris was born in France and we both have studied French. Would France be a better home for us? I again consulted the internet to see what part of France would work best for us. I reworked the November trip to include visits to Lyon and Colmar as well as the already planned Lagos and Lisbon. We love France, but in the end we decided Portugal was a better fit. I’ll explain more as to why in a separate post.

Since our scouting trip we’ve spent our spare time figuring out all the details of moving a family across the Atlantic. I found it very difficult to find information on all the things we needed to do. One of my reasons for starting was to write about the logistics of moving a family to another country. We’ll also be posting other random thoughts and lots of pictures.